grow marijuana



Before you begin your harvest, you should have the tools of the trade ready. Clean scissors, isopropyl alcohol, plastic dropsheets, zipable bags, a few boxes, a scale and ambiant entertainment.

Be sure to wash your tools with the alcohol to dissinfect.

Start by cutting the plant at the stalk. While holding the plant by the stick trim off the large fan leaves. Then trim the smaller leaves off close to the bud as possible without touching any of the flower. Depending on your preference, you can leave some of the crystaly leaves intact. Assure the trimmed leaf remains clean for hash later. Once the plant is completely groomed it can begin the next stage of drying and curing.

Always remember to keep the bud on the sticks until the end.


To prepare, suspend strings across a spare room of your house to hang the trimmed plants. The room should be dark,cool and well ventilated. Light breaks down THC on dead and dying tissue so never dry your bud under lights. The air should never be stagnant because mold fungi can grow quite fast in certain environments. Be sure that you have enough space to hang all of your harvest preferably without touching one other. Ideally, within three days you should have the bud crispy on the outside, while damp on the inside. This is the time to remove the buds from the sticks.


Place the marijuana flowers into an air tight zipable bag. Keep it(them) sealed over night. The next day, open the bag(s) to allow for additional water loss. Fluff up and mix the bag(s) once and a while to acheive even evaporation. Once the desired consistency has arrived, remove the access air and seal the bags tight.


Marijuana is great when it has been grown and harvested correctly. The enjoyment that you get from consuming your own grown stash amazing. Just you and nature; symbiotic.

The last thing you would want is molded or rotten bud. Always store your dried stash in air tight plastic bags then freeze. As long as the air is out of it, the bud will last for years and years without a noticable amount of degradation in quality of flavor or effect.