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W.E.B. - Water Extraction Bags

The simplest and most efficient way to make the most amazing hashish you have ever smoked from your leftover shake. Making hash has become safer and easier than ever to make using water rather than combustibles.

This technique basically washes off all of the good THC that is left on your shake, then isolates it by means of filter separation. This process has been used for many years to extract scents from flowers, fruits & berries etc…for making perfumes and incense. Now the technology is being applied to the Marijuana industry.

By using a system of at least two water extraction bags, you can isolate the THC trichome crystals; meaning you separate the shake from the hash. Once the separation is complete, the hash is ready to ingest. And man is it whack! The final product is a beautiful amber hash that is just like the hash that you get on your hands at harvest. Sweet and tasty ready for burning.

The procedure is relatively simple: Agitate the plant material while it is suspended within water that is as close to freezing level (0 Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit) as possible. Then separate the plant material using the water extraction bags. Once the THC has separated, the trichomes bind with frozen H2O molecules, causing them to increase in density, allowing them to simply break off intact. The higher weight causes the THC to separate itself from the plant material even before the isolation process has been completed. This is one of the huge advantages of using cold water. The process works without using the low temperatures, but is not as effective. You end up leaving good hash within the plant material.

Hash Procedure Broken Down into Simple Steps

  1. Place the fine screen mesh water extraction bag into a 5 gallon bucket so that the edge just folds over the side.
  2. Place the second water extraction bag into the first one in the same manner.
  3. Place the plant material(up to 1/2 pound of shake) into the bags that you put into the bucket in step 2.
  4. Fill the bucket with ice(snow is great!) and water. The amount of ice will depend on your melting rate. The central idea is to maintain the close to freezing temperatures until the end of the process.
  5. Using a mixer, agitate the plant material for about 30 minutes. The mixer can be a standard cake mixer, blender, or even a drill with a mixing attachment. Use your imagination. Just be sure that you do not get electrocuted. Water and electricity do not mix.
  6. After the mixing, allow time for the trichomes to fall to the bottom while the shake floats up to the top. This should take about 20 minutes.
  7. Being sure that you only grab one bag, lift the outer bag from the bucket. Squeeze out the remaining water back into the bucket. Then place it aside.
  8. Lift the final bag from the bucket. This one will drain more slowly. Once all of the water is drained, squeeze on the mesh using a towel to remove the small amount of water that remains.
  9. Now, using a spoon, remove the final product from the bottom of the bag.
  10. Allow the hash time to dry out before smoking to achieve the best results. Happy hash puffing!
Tip: If you repeat this procedure with the same shake you used already, you can still get a little bit from it because of the hash that was still lodged within the plant material.