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Seeds and Mother Plants

Knowing what genetics you want is the first step. Second is attaining that strain. Marijuana seeds are available all over the Internet from many different seed companies all claiming to have the best seeds on the planet. In order to be sure that the business is legit, you must judge them by their track record. Look on Internet chat boards to see if there are others that have made purchases via the Internet with success. You may not be receiving the true variety that you wanted, or you can receive too many male seeds. Reputation goes a long way. Listen to what others have to say.

Clones have an advantage that is hard to beat: uniformity. When using all the same clones from the same mother plant, there is even growth. That is, all the plants will grow at the same rate as well as be ready for harvest at the exact same time. This is due to the "clone" having the exact chromosomal make up as the mother plant (the desired species is kept in order to produce genetic copies for the purposes of growing). The "clone" possesses all of the characteristics of the mother plant. Once you have the plant you want, it can be infinitely reproduced.

Seed Germination

Cannabis Seeds

"Once I have my seeds what do I do?" Well, there are many ways to germinate (sprout growth from a seed) marijuana seeds. One popular method is to place the seeds, evenly spaced, sandwiched in between two moistened paper towels, to create the constant humidity that is required for germination. The problem with this method is during the re-planting of the sprout; the untrained grower can easily kill the potential seedling. The ideal method is to use any container (with drainage), be it a Styrofoam cup, a small flowerpot, or a tray (specially designed for clones and seedlings) that you can purchase in any plant supply store. During germination temperature should be around 21 to 26 degrees Celsius. Light is not needed until the sprout emerges through the soil. Fill your container with a mix of dampened (squeeze it to remove the excess water) peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite. Make a hole in the center of your soil approximately 1.5 to 2 inches deep. Drop one seed into each hole, and then gently close the holes using your fingers. Now you must cover the newly planted seeds in order to lock in the needed moisture. A plastic kitchen wrap can be used, an over turned glass or jar, or of course, the plastic transparent lid that comes with the purchased tray. As long as the humidity level remains the same, the seeds will germinate usually between 3 to 10 days. The older the seeds, the slower the germination.

This is where temperature can assist in creating a higher ratio of female seeds. Seeds germinated in warm and consistent temperatures can be up to 75% female (I don't understand!). The other means of creating a high rate of females is to self-pollinate. By this I mean; gather pollen from a "clone" that has been "stressed into defense mode"*, then use that pollen to cross with another "clone" cut from the same mother plant. The seed produced from this cross will be up to 90% female!

* By purposely altering the lighting and temperature in an erratic and sporadic manner, the cannabis plant thinks that it's life is being threatened, so in a last attempt at survival the plant produces male flowers in hope of self-pollinating, dropping seeds, and growing anew again.

Now that all of your seedlings are sprouted it is time to re-pot and label each with the name of the variety, the date, and a number in order to keep track of each seedling. Once the newly numbered plants have been growing under 24 hours lighting for long enough to produce four sets of leaves. Time to take a cutting (clone) from each of the numbered plants. Follow the seed soil preparation described previously; using the same principles, plus a few extra steps (see section on cloning), your cutting will produce a root system within 7 and 18 days. Label each cutting according to which it originated. Put the original (seedlings) numbered plants on a 12/12 cycle. Flower them until they are ready (tricomes turn amber). Dry and cure your plants without mixing them up because you must choose your favorite(s). Use the equivalent cutting as you new MOTHER plant of that variety. Commence cloning!

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